HI, I’M Kathlyn

I'm from small town Edson, Alberta where I was raised in the majestic Canadian Rocky Mountains. I'm a mountain dwelling and adventure seeker. My passion for spending time outdoors and in the mountains began at a very young age. This is where I feel at home.

A lot of my work is inspired by this insanely breathtaking beautiful world that was created just for us. I gain inspiration by spending my free time driving through the mountains heading on a road trip taking me anywhere the road leads, I don't care where I end up. Or if it's a nice day, hopping out of the vehicle and going on a hike, and exploring new places.  

Capturing those images, just so I can look back at the moments I want to live on forever. Taking me back to relive in the special moment. Looking at the pictures that tell a story and remembering how I felt, what I was thinking, bringing me back in time. This inspires me to become a wedding photographer and why it lights my soul on fire.




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A little about me


Learn about my Philosophy and what inspired me to become a photographer. 

Redlick Photography is a business purely driven by passion. Growing up I always had a camera in my hand. Before starting Redlick Photography I was a volunteer hockey team photographer capturing raw emotion of athletes from across the world playing the sport they love. I was just graduating high school and was accepted to Holland College in PEI, Canada for Tourism & Travel Management. Going to college meant I had to put my photography on hold for a year.

It was all I could of dreamt, but there was one thing missing and that was photography. It’s hard to live happy without the vital ingredients. After I came back from college I put everything on the line and I started following my dreams. This was the beginning of Redlick Photography.

I have always been creatively minded and had a deep love for true connection between humans, the unabashed real type of connection. I believe, at the end of the day, these true moments, even the smallest ones, are what mean the most. Weddings are filled with these tiny moments and the fact that I get to capture them, stop time and hand them onto you to be remembered forever means more than you may ever know.

Two years later I am still here, as passionate about photography as the day I started. I still get nervous with excitement before every wedding day and I excitedly show my best friend all my favourite photos when I get home. This is how I know I am still on the right path in life. The day the excitement goes away and I stop pushing my photos to be better than the last, is the day I put down my camera. Every couple deserves to have a photographer at their wedding that strives to do their very best every time they pick up their camera.

"There are few things that inspire and excite me more than photography!"

This is my passion.

I could end it there. But incase you wanted to know a little more, I will elaborate.

Since a young age, documenting these personal memories meant I was able to look back at what I was so passionate about. Relive those precious moments in time. Knowing that I would never have to forget the feeling I spent with my family, who I cherish most.

Although my upbringing has had it’s ups and downs (like all family’s do), this nos material existence and tight perimeter with my family taught me what I consider to be most important in life. The love I share with my family and closest friends are what makes this life beautiful, and is what I treasure most in the world.

This belief may be part of the reason I have such a passion for photographing weddings and elopements. This day is such an important part of peoples life. It is a rare opportunity to communally celebrate love, together with your partner and all the special people that you have invited to be part of this day.

I believe in the power of what a photograph can hold, and that the moments I capture will live on as a forever lasting legacy.

“Every wedding, every shoot, I see the world through a whole new lens. Your story will be different from the last, and this ignites my passion all over again.”

The quiet, in between moments at weddings are always my favourite: Watching someone get nervous and excited at the same time. Feeling the mood change in the room just before the ceremony, feeling the happiness on the dance floor. Watching people respond to speeches. Feeling the weather, sunny and bright or moody and dark. All these little things are perfect in my eyes.

It could be said that I love to observe. The way I photograph is often intimate, personal, and very quiet. I am constantly pursuing to maintain the true feeling and realness of the day in every image. Every client is different and every wedding, no matter how traditional, seems to have its own little quirks. This excites me, I love getting to know my clients personalities and working towards bringing them out in my images and having the time of their life! For me, wedding photography is about making images that mean something to you, it’s more than just a pretty picture.

Hand on heart, every ounce of my energy will go towards creating a gorgeous collection of images to forever memorialize your day. When you look through the photos memories will come to life and it’ll be as though you’re right there doing it all over again.

Rain, hail or shine, I won’t miss a beat

Who am I outside of wedding photography? Everyone might be able to be a photographer, but here's little quirks that make me unique.

My favourite music is country. When I hear Zach Bryan, Luke Combs, George Strait or Lee Brice you better watch out because I'm cranking that stereo and pulling out my singing "skills". You can find me in the mountains seeking any adventure I can, going on hikes or relaxing around the campfire! I'm the gal that teaches her foreign friends how to cut fire wood for the first time, I'm such a fire bug. But what relaxes me the most is going for drives with my best friend with no care in the world as to where it takes me. The destination is always better not knowing.

My love for traveling is like my love for ice cream. I'm addicted! I have a giant bucket list and will take any new adventure that comes my way! Wherever your wedding may be I will travel the world for you! Shooting destination weddings and elopements once was a dream of mine and now it's my reality!

That’s a little sneak peek into my life and a few of my favourite things. No matter who and where we are, we’re all souls wandering this beautiful earth, with a different story to share. No tale is one and the same. And that’s why I LOVE documenting love stories (and hopefully yours too)!

I have a slight addiction
(To Mountains, Ice cream & Dogs)

We had an amazing time during our photo shoot. Kathlyn was kind and patient as we had brought our puppy with us. She was prepared and knew what vision she had in mind. She listened to any questions or comments we had and was very professional. Overall awesome experience and one I will always remember!

corbin & parker

Kathlyn made this the most enjoyable experience! She was so easy going, but also stayed professional. Her constant compliments made me feel so beautiful and confident, and there was never an awkward moment talking with her between shots. And while I thought the session was awesome, the final products were even more amazing!

Maggy W.

Kathlyn makes photoshoots so much fun! Throughout  the session she is constantly hyping her clients up and getting the best shots she can! She travelled out of her way for us and was so much fun to take photos with. She is such a joy to be around and my photos are stunning!

Aubrey r.

Kathlyn isn't just an excellent photographer, she goes above and beyond the expectations! She will go out of her way, go over time, and even provide props to help capture such important moments.

Kiley & Carl

Now save yourself some time - stop looking at reviews - go ahead and book Kathlyn! Kathlyn run’s an outstanding business and we were so fortunate to have her as our graduation photographer. Kathlyn just snapped away on our special evening, and the final photos are simply stunning. From our initial meeting to the final delivery Kathlyn was an absolute pleasure to deal with. We cant recommend her highly enough.

Alex B.

Kathlyn is an incredible photographer, every shot she took was incredible. She laughed and smiled for our entire shoot together, it made me feel like we’d known each other for a long time even though we’d just met. She’s a wonderful photographer and an amazing young lady.

Katy M.



I believe in the power of what a photograph can hold, and that the moments I capture will live on as a forever lasting legacy.




Cadomin, ab, CANADA
Somewhere in the mountains









No story is one and the same. Yours will be finessed to share your unique journey.