Eloping takes away the pressure of a wedding and refocuses on the intention to be married - to declare your love to each other with a lasting commitment.

I'm so glad you're here because the Canadian Rocky Mountains is the ultimate destination to start your new adventure together. I can't wait to help plan this unforgettable moment with you and turn all your visions into reality. This is where the dreamers meet the doers. 

Just you & your love, the mountains and your vows.

What is an elopement?

It's not even the actual art of photography that I love so much. It's the conversations I get to have with you! It's getting to know you guys and hearing your life experiences and world views. Long hikes can bring out some of the best conversations and thats a whole other part of photography that I love experiencing!

Your story matters and deserve's to have it captured. Most importantly your story deserves to be told in a real and honest way. I will capture those moments, documenting them as the day unfolds. Capturing all the real life moments, raw emotion, unfiltered and unposed.

You deserve images that bring you back to the feeling you had at that moment. Take a moment to dream of your wedding day, the details, the family and friends, all the laughter and emotion. You have put so much of your time and thought into this day, and I am sure a large investment to bring it all together. Now imagine that day being photographed by friends, the images are blurry and grainy, some of your favourite moments are so unflattering. The edits might be horrid or they just simply missed big parts of the day, or were too distracted by taking pictures to enjoy the day.

At the end of the day, we want to help you find the perfect fit for your wedding day! I would love to get on the phone with you or take you for coffee and hear about your vision for your wedding day, how you two met, what you love to do in your free time etc. The more I know you, and you get to know me, the better you will feel about it possibly being the right fit.

Why I can’t wait to document your day

A love like no other



Memories of a lifetime starting from $2500

+ Pre wedding catch up

I want to get to know you and learn more about how I can best serve you! Whether it’s via Zoom, over the phone or in person, or over a glass of wine, coffee or tea! We’ll make it happen!

+ Full days coverage

From morning to night - starting at 7 hours, tailored to your timeline not missing a single beat.

+ High-resolution images

Perfectly sized and ready for you to print at any size. 

+ Web-Resolution Images

+ Online Slideshow 

+ Online Gallery

Sized and ready for sharing across your social media channels and to your friends & family.

A curated image slideshow to celebrate the highlights from your day, with music. 

A password-protected gallery you can access, anywhere and anytime.



Nothing but the best! Not only will I capture your wedding but together we will design a gorgeous wedding album to share with generations!


+ 10 Hours Coverage
   (I’ll be there from start to finish)

+ High Resolution Images
   (Perfect for printing)

+ Low Resolution Images
   (Perfect for sharing on social media)
+ Online Gallery
   (To share with family and friends)

+ Online Slide Show with Music
   (Sit back with a glass of wine and relive the day)

+ All Photos on a Wooden USB
   (For easy accessibility and sharing)

+ Custom Rose Gold Glass Box with Prints 
   (Delivered to your door)

+ Handmade, Fine Art Hard Cover Album 
   (A cherished hardcover keepsake,
   10 x 10” with all the trims)

+ Second Photographer 
   (For the whole day)




Everything you need. A perfect combination of a slide show in images to relive your day and beautiful prints to hang up!

+ 7 Hours Coverage
   (I'll be there from start to finish)

+ High Resolution Images
   (Perfect for printing)

+ Low Resolution Images
   (Perfect for sharing on social media)
+ Online Gallery
   (To share with family and friends)

+ Online Slide Show with Music
   (Sit back with a glass of wine and relive the day)

+ All Photos on a Wooden USB
   (For easy accessibility and sharing)

+ Custom Rose Gold Glass Box with Prints
   (Delivered to your door)



+ 4 Hours Coverage
   (I’ll be there from start to finish)

+ High Resolution Images
   (Perfect for printing)

+ Low Resolution Images
   (Perfect for sharing on social media)
+ Online Gallery
   (To share with family and friends)

+ Online Slide Show with Music
   (Sit back with a glass of wine and relive the day)

+ All Photos on a Wooden USB
   (For easy accessibility and sharing)

Keeping it simple. Cherishing a beautiful moment of time and sharing it with family & friends!

I believe your day should be amazing from start to finish & I'm there to help with that! From getting to truly know each other ahead of time, to shaking it on the dance floor. You can depend on me to be at your venue bright & early to settle in, and introduce myself to your families before I start shooting! I won't just be a stranger following you around.

On your wedding day

Before or even during your wedding day. If you have special requests for photos, I’m all in! Another photo with your grandparents or best friend? Consider it done!

I am so much more than a photographer, you'll catch me doing up the brides dress, helping her put in earrings and fixing the glue on her eyelashes. Helping grandma with her lipstick. Keeping the annoying relatives from overwhelming the couple with iPhone photos. I am there to make your day the best it can be.



I want to make sure that everyone (especially you) is 100% comfortable & pumped for the day ahead. Throughout the day, my mission is to catch every precious moment, those ones that you think went unseen. (Like that quick kiss at the dinner table or when he tucks that loose strand of hair behind your ear). You’ll be able to relive all those moments that made your heart flutter. 



Drunk on love, joy and happy tears

Your photos will get my undivided attention and I dedicate all my time to making sure I do justice to your unique love story.

When I'm editing your photos, I'm literally shaking with excitement because I seriously cannot wait to send you all of them!!

It's very important to me that when editing I'm staying true to my approach and the celebration of authenticity. I want your day to be told exactly how it was seen!

It's time to get excited!

Photo editing

your SOUL





Your little legacy starts here

During your wedding, I take over 2,000 photos. During any other session I take over 600 photos. Meaning to say, I take a ton of photos!! After your wedding or session, I sift through thousands of ‘em to find those that best represent your story. Then, I edit.

My editing style is natural, warm, romantic and emotional. I believe in embracing the messy moments to capture authentic laughter, the wind swept hair and all. 

A wedding album is a lifetime’s keepsake that is beautifully made, just for you. A tangible way to relive all the memories, a celebration of the start to YOUR legacy. The irreplaceable feeling of being able to hold all those precious moments in your hands, rather than just seeing it on a digital screen forgetting to print them.

Picture yourself on your first wedding anniversary. You may be living in a new home and your family may have already begun to grow. Imagine yourself sitting down with a cup of coffee or a glass of wine, moving through the pages and reliving your wedding all over again.

Wedding photography is a big investment which is why I believe the way you view your photos is what's really important. Your wedding album is printed on fine art paper and bound professionally so the pages lay flat telling your story, but most importantly they're built to last so they'll be there for your future generations to enjoy. Since your album is going to be all about you, we'll work to create something you absolutely love.

Wedding Albums

“A huge thank you for helping us put our wedding album together we are absolutely blown away by the quality of it!! It is a piece of art and something we will absolutely treasure forever! We can’t thank you enough!! I still look at our photos every day they are my favourite thing in the world! We are forever grateful!”

Fine art albums, handcrafted memories

Ryan & Kelly

A slideshow captures all the best moments from your day in a storytelling format aside from the wedding album. From getting ready at first light to the partying into the early hours of the morning. 

A slideshow is a must-have, especially if you're not having a videographer on the day. It’s also great for sharing with interstate or overseas family and friends that couldn’t be there. 


All the highlights from your day

Other Services

My engagement session is a great way to get used to being in front of the camera, and how to feel relaxed and comfortable and most importantly the two of you being yourselves in each others arms!

I love to use this session to get to know my couples and for them to get to know me! The best way to think of it is to spending the day together as a fun date and I'm your third wheel! 

Couple / engagment shoot

Your journey’s just begun

Starts at $550

Dreaming of mountains views, without having to hike?

I have a preferred partnership with an incredible team of experienced helicopter pilots out of Revelstoke, BC and Alberta. I would LOVE to help you plan an engagement, couple session, or elopement heli wedding come to life!

This is an adventure you will NOT forget and you get to experience in the middle of the Canadian Rocky Mountains in the arms of your loved one!


An adventure you won't forget

If there is only one thing I could share with you, it would be to make this day your own. Take your time or speed it up, say your vows in private or invite 600 people to attend, say "I do" in a hot air balloon, on the edge of a cliff, under a waterfall, in a tent under the stars, or at the alter in a church. No matter what make it your own.

My wedding package goes beyond then just taking your photos on your day. I want to get to know who you are, help you plan your wedding day and make sure that everything falls into place just how you want it.


An intimate celebration - Make it your own

My elopement package focuses on the two of you and the incredible adventure of your elopement. The stunning ceremony, the emotional vows, all the beautiful moments of the day captured as your story only starts to begin. Each time I do an elopement, it truly shows me how powerful and all the priceless beauty it holds.

Whether you want to travel, or hike somewhere, my bags are already packed and I'm all set to capture it all! Maybe hop on a plane to the Cliffs of Moher, Ireland and share your vows at sunset. Or hike/ helicopter to a mountain peak for a ceremony at sunrise. The options are endless!

This is your adventure. This is your story and I'm here to tell it.

Elopement Photography

A intimate celebration that's unique just for the two of you

I will take brakes to run around with your kids and play with them OR better yet, I'll have YOU run around and play with them allowing me to capture the raw laughter and joy you're expressing and the love in the air. 

I believe in authentic emotion. There's no cheese style photos here! I'll even hold the baby while taking photos making sure we get just mom and dad too!

Family Photography

The smallest things take the most room in your heart

Starts at $500

Graduation is one of the most exciting accomplishments for a young adult. All those years studying and working hard to get good grades, preparing for the outside world. Now you're finally walking the stage accepting your diploma with your family & friends cheering you on.

Lets capture this day whether it be at your celebration or we run off with your beautiful gown or suit! One of my favourite things about this session is that we get to be so creative with it and just have fun!

Graduation Photography

A Milestone Celebration

Starts at $400

No story is one and the same. Yours will be finessed to share your unique journey. 

Moments deserve to be remembered, feelings deserve to be relived - moments come and go, but memories shouldn't. Whatever your story is, it should be told in a way that feels like you. Let's cherish the moments and feelings and above all else, have an amazing time while doing it!