March 23, 2021

Kathlyn Redlick

Winter Engagement Photos | Jasper National Park

Let Me Try & Convince You Why You Should Consider Winter Engagement Photos!

Winter is known as overrated and is the most least appreciated season for photoshoots, I 100% get it! I’m a warm weather kinda gal and can take the winter in small doses. The weather can be unpredictable, wet, cold, sharp cool wind and none of that is what you imagined your engagement photos to look like because you might look cold and miserable and too bundled up in all your layers. BUT hear me out… just because winter engagement photos are less popular, does NOT mean they’re any less amazing. Here’s my 3 reasons why:

First Off, Winter Engagement Photos Are Magical.

Here in Jasper, winter gives me ALLL of the vibes with powder trees, frozen lakes with bubbles, the soft crunch under your foot, or when you step in it and misjudge how deep it is (I plead guilty for that one haha), and the magical snow-capped mountain peaks and glaciers. And what’s really fun? You realize you’re not cold because you’re running around, snuggling in close to get warm, getting cozy with beanies and blankets, drinking hot chocolate or liquor to warm your insides, it’s such a blast!

Secondly, Choosing To Book Your Shoot For The Winter Is Unique To Your Story.

If you’re recently engaged (even not) let’s document this season in it’s TRUEST form, icicles, red noses and all! A winter engagement is something to cherish, especially if you live out here in the gorgeous Canadian Rockies (or the Okanagan) where the landscapes become OUT OF THIS WORLD in their blanket of snow and even looking at them, they hold so much beauty waiting to be captured. My goal is to document your love story in a way that’s authentic to the two of you, even if that means freezing our fingers off in a blizzard!

Lastly, a Winter Photoshoot Is An ADVENTURE.

All of you KNOW how much I LOVE that! It’s a chance to get off the beaten path and go explore places that might otherwise be packed in the busier seasons. Or a location that doesn’t get seen everyday by anyone. Those special sweet spots that only get’s seen by those willing to find them. Often times we won’t see anyone else on the trails, and that gives us so much freedom to play and get goofy without worrying about bumpin into a bus load of tourists! 

SO, are you ready to book your winter engagement photo session with me?? It could be here in Jasper – or anywhere else in the Canada! Fill out my contact form and LET’S DO THIS!!

Now please enjoy more of these fun photos from Corbin and Parker’s winter session at Pyramid Lake, Jasper National Park, Alberta!

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