April 2, 2021

Kathlyn Redlick

10 Reasons Why You Should Elope

Is wedding planning stressing you out? Are you catching yourself asking… “Why not elope?”

From a Canadian Rocky Mountain and Okanagan elopement photographer’s perspective, let me tell you why you SHOULD elope!

Wedding planning on it’s own can be exhausting with family and friends giving you their opinions on what you should and shouldn’t do and how to do it, researching all the vendors you need to book, scouting out venues, narrowing down guest lists and meal menus, and now on top of all of that COVID restrictions that seem to change in a blink of an eye? And that’s just to name a few…

But did you know wedding planning doesn’t have to be this stressful? I know it’s hard to believe but it’s true! Have you ever thought “Screw it, we wanna elope”. Well let me tell you, you’re not alone! So many couples are in your shoes thinking the exact same thing.

Here Are My Top Reasons To Elope, Especially During COVID:

1. What no one wants to talk about, COVID-19.

One year has already passed and it’s still pretty present in our daily routines, although vaccines have begun to come out. There’s just no telling what the future may hold but why let that stop you from getting married? Don’t wait any longer, just get out there and marry your best friend already! But let’s look on the bright side with this COVID, this could also be your once in a lifetime chance to elope, just like you’ve always wanted! No more walking on thin ice around what other people want for your wedding, COVID is a great excuse to get what you’ve always wanted!!!

2. Elopements are more intimate.

It’s about you, your partner and your commitment of love to each other. Nothing more, nothing less. When you strip down all the thrills and frills of a big wedding, you get to focus on what it’s really all about. And that’s the two of you!

3. Save your money!

Instead of spending thousands to feed 250 guests, catering meals to everyone preference and allergies, renting venues, the list goes on. Now you only have to focus on 20 or less! Imagine what you can do with the rest of the money you saved. You can finally hire that photographer that you’ve been following since 2008 when making you were making your wedding board on Pinterest when you were younger but you never thought you could afford. Or put all that money towards your future investment goals like a house. Or maybe spend that money on an incredible month long honeymoon trip instead of what would’ve been one week at an OK resort. Your options are limitless and its up to your creativity and adventure!

4. Leaving the stress behind.

As much as I love organizing everything, working with vendors myself for styled shoots or with clients, I gotta admit, it can get really overwhelming trying to figure out my budget for each vendor and narrowing them down to your favourites. Don’t bother stressing yourself out when all you really need is an officiant and everything else are just special add on’s!

5. EPIC bridal portraits you WON’T REGRET.

Now that you don’t have a million people to tend to and a strict timeline to follow, you can literally go wherever you want for your bridal portraits! Feel free to choose an adventurous location like going on a hike in the Canadian Rocky Mountains OR book a helicopter ride to the top of glaciers and mountains and enjoy this beautiful place we call earth! We are surrounded with countless beautiful options, choose YOUR adventure!

6. This is YOUR day, so make it as unique as you want!

Want to get married on top of a stunning snowy mountain? Or how about at the bottom of a waterfall? Maybe you want to get a hot air ballon? What if you include a trip to your favourite brewery or travel across the country or world and make it a destination elopement? But why stop there? It can be a stunning elopement and honey moon tied into one for as long as you want! NOTHING is out of the question. Do whatever makes you happiest.

7. Screw everyone else’s opinions PERIOD.

This day isn’t about anything or anyone else but you, your partner and what you guys want. Maybe eloping for you isn’t about all the fun things you can make it, but rather an escape from tradition, forced by your family and friends. I get it. Not everyone’s decision to elope is purely about wanting epic photos on top of a mountain, but rather a chance to commit your life to the person you love most, despite what your family and friends wants. What’s most important is doing what the two of you want and making it your own. Creating a rememberable adventure bringing you even closer than what you already are.

8. No more family members you don’t know (sorry mom).

To be honest, when it comes to the family tree I go blank; my family is so big I’m lucky enough to remember my five siblings names. I’m 20 and to this day I’m still being introduced to family members for the first time. One of my biggest pet peeves is my parents making me have small talk to their cousin’s husband’s aunt. Forget the list of people you weren’t only going to invite because your parents put them on the guest list.

9. Get married on your own time.

One less thing to say goodbye to. Do wedding timelines and strict schedules your mother in law put together stress you out? Plan your day spending time doing whatever you want and not worrying about being anywhere at a certain time. You can make it short and sweet or draw it out and make the elopement a full day or maybe even two days! Your elopement will run on your time.

10. Plan it in a couple of days!

Wish you were married already? If you’re a COVID bride you’d 100% understand the frustration of putting your wedding on hold last month, moving the date 2, 3, or 4 times or LAST YEAR! Well why sit back and wait? You can literally plan a beautiful elopement in days with my help and guidience. Get married on any day of the week and watch how many more opportunities open up to work with your favourite photographer or dream venue!

SO, are you ready to book your elopement with me?? If you’ve been toying with the idea of eloping but just aren’t sure about how to elope or need a little help, need more blogs to read, or you can fill out my contact form and let me help you! Elopement planning shouldn’t be done alone so don’t! Hit me up today and let’s start planning this epic day together. Fill out my contact form and LET’S DO THIS!!

Now please enjoy more of these beautiful photos from Julia and Florian’s elopement in Coldstream/Vernon, British Columbia one of the many gorgeous locations in the Okanagan!

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