April 7, 2021

Kathlyn Redlick

Do You Need An Engagement Session?

Some of My Top Reasons I Encourage Everyone to Get Engagement Photos Done!

Are you wondering what’s the point in doing an engagement session? It’s extra time and money that you have to spend and really… what’s the big deal? WRONG. As a wedding photographer, trust me when I say engagement sessions are incredibly important, helpful and most of all FUN!

1. It helps you get comfortable in front of the camera!

If I’m being completely honest, every time a camera is pointed at me and it’s not my best friend taking the photo (because he know me best) I get in my head and become sooo awkward, and feel stiff and immediately become uncomfortable! So I know the thought has definitely come to mind for you. But don’t worry, you’re not alone! Almost every one of my couples when they inquire tell me how awkward they are but that’s exactly why having an engagement session is SO helpful! This is a chance to get rid of all those jitters and have a chance to get comfortable with one another in front of the camera, but also get comfortable with me being behind the camera! If you’ve never had professional photos done and the thought of it makes you nervous, this is a great way to practice before the big day!

2. It’ll help you get to know me better and how I work!

Well let me reassure you, you’re in good hands! One of the things I love most about this job is getting to meet you guys, hear your love story and capture it in it’s truest form. At our engagement session, you’ll get to see how I don’t capture cheesy stiff poses but I prompt you guy’s making sure I capture the true and natural you! In addition we’ll be jamming to your favourite music to add to a great time! My biggest goal is to always make sure you guys are comfortable and relaxed in front of the camera so I can capture your unique story. By the end of it, you’ll not only feel reassured that you made the right choice in choosing me to document your love for one another, but you’ll know you have a friend who will always be hyping you up on your big day!

3. You get to have some AMAZING photos!

Let me elaborate a bit on this one because clearly this is an obvious one haha! Of course you’re going to end up with some stunning photos, I mean that’s the whole point! Not only can you use these photos for your wedding invites or your wedding website but it’s sooo nice to have some beautiful photos of your partner in “regular” clothes as opposed to only wedding attire! Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love wedding photos but there’s something about photos where being with your partner and being yourself. Engagement photos give you an extra set of photos to look back that truly reflect who you and your partner are day to day.

4. It’s not about the pretty photos, it’s about the experience.

Ok, I saved my absolute TOP reason why I love engagement sessions for last. I don’t want the session to be centred around photos, those will happen naturally. What I want for you is an experience. I want to create the space for you and your partner to slow down, to connect and to reflect on your relationship. I want you to remember all the little things that had to come together for you and your partner to get to this place in time. Relationships aren’t easy – they take hard work, sacrifice, patience, love. Celebrate how far you’ve both come to get here and get excited about how far you’ll both go in marriage. This is your story – I’m just here to capture it.

Have I convinced you that engagement session’s are the best thing ever? What are you waiting for! Let’s have the best time capturing your story. Hit me up today and let’s start planning this epic session together. Fill out my contact form and LET’S DO THIS!!

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